Motivational Ideas

Hey everyone.

Today is kind of a big deal for me.  I’m going to be telling you about some ideas I have for motivation.  I know what you are saying…”oh great, another person who thinks they are Tony Robbins”.  *rolls eyes*

Yep, I’ve had doubts about what I could offer people in terms of motivation, and I will be completely honest with you, nothing I am going to share is a mystery to anybody.  All the information I’ve learned about motivation and getting started with change, has been done before.  All this information is out there on the internet…if you have the time and energy to search for it.

That’s where I come in.

Lets talk about motivation for a minute and really see where it takes us.

Step 1: Understanding yourself

First, you’ve got to dive into knowing who you are.  If you want to find the motivation to make a change, you have to know “why” you are making that change.  The motivation will follow your why.  Your why will answer a number of things to include:

  • Do I have enough energy?
  • Do I have enough time?
  • Will I be accepted?
  • Will I look dumb?
  • Am I good at this?

All those questions will disappear after you figure the reasons, or the “why”, in your life.  So be real with yourself to determine your starting point.  Don’t hold anything back, be ruthless about where you are currently.  Understand yourself, and you will begin to love yourself.  Start now.

Step 2: Make the “why” bigger then your problems.

Why do you want to exercise?  Why do you want to make money?  Why do you want to eat healthy?  Why do you want to read more?  Why?

The answer to these questions needs to be compelling.  If you aren’t excited about answering these question or any others you have for yourself, you won’t find any motivation.  It won’t happen.  You must love to answer the hard questions.  The way you answer those needs to be a reason.  Don’t just answer them blindly.  Give them real thought and passion.

Step 3: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

How many times have you thought about a journey, only to be wrapped up in all the complicated details about every step.  If I start a business, who will be my market?  How can I market myself?  What skills do I have to offer?  What if people say no?

All these are legit worries, but are you taking steps to combat them?  Is motivation quickly dwindling with all the questions?  Stop.  Focus on a single step.  Start working on something, anything!  If you can get yourself motivated to do one thing, then after a while, you just accomplished a number of things!

So take that first step and see how it feels.



So this first article was pretty quick and to the point, but I hope you found it interesting.  Like that third step, I’m starting to do something and taking action.  It’s not massive action, nor do I expect it to be life altering.  I’m taking a little step.  A baby step.

  • Aaron Troeger

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