Hey everyone and welcome to a new post!  I hope everyone is having a good week.

I’d like to talk today about the power of positivity.  You see, a lot of good can happen when you start the day with a positive mindset.  It opens the door for endless possibilities.  Lets take an example, try to follow along.

Lets say I wake up and immediately think that today is going to be a crappy day.  I’ve been broke for a while and I don’t think I’ll make enough money again.  So my mind is primed from the first second of conscious thought to look at the world in a negative way.  I start my day by making coffee, but I realize I don’t have any creamers.  So I blame not having any money, then I blame not being very smart, then turn it into I am a terrible person with no financial responsibility, and dive deeper into how I should have paid attention to this stuff in school.

It’s extremely tiresome to think this way, but a lot of people do.  Maybe they don’t think in that way, but a lot of us (me included) are guilty of waking up and thinking at least one negative thought right away.  Why?  The day hasn’t even started yet.

It’s all in your conscious thoughts.  I’ve had people argue with me that it’s easier to be negative because the world is full of tough things to handle.  So?  What made tough situations negative?  You as an individual make tough challenges into something more than they really are.  I’ve had people say that’s just who they are.  Let me ask you some questions.

Do you want to be negative?

Do you want negativity to run  your personal and your professional life?

Does negativity attract positivity?

But these questions are easy to answer, they require very little thought.  The answer for almost everyone is, no!  We don’t want to be negative creatures.  We want to be positive and live in a wonderful candy land world where nobody is hungry and everyone gets along.  But we don’t live in that world.

We live in a world of fear.

Try to turn on the news.  Are any stories about how 50 abused dogs found a good foster home?  Or is the story about how 50 abused dogs where on the brink of death, found in the basement of a dog fighting ring, and that neighbor….could be yours.  See how that is twisted for you to be fearful?

Now lets dive into another step.  When we start thinking that we are being negative and finally admit it, we have two options.  We can either get depress and/or angry with ourselves, or we can see the problem and attempt to fix it.  The first option is scary because it drives more negativity into your life, which isn’t what we are looking for.  Negativity breads more negativity.

You might ask “so how can I not be negative?”.  It’s simple, but not easy.

Consciously take charge of your thoughts.  Know that your thoughts don’t determine who you are.  Who you are, determines your thoughts.  If you label yourself as a negative person, guess what?  That’s who you are.  If you label yourself as weak, small, pathetic, worthless….that’s who you are.  But if you label yourself as a work in progress, Rome wasn’t built in a day, nobody is perfect, or any other cliché sayings, that is who you are.

So I want to challenge you.  Find at least 3 minutes in the morning (or whenever you wake up) and say good things about yourself.  That’s it.  At first it’s going to feel awful.  You’re going to feel extremely weird.  You’re not going to believe what you are saying.  You’re thoughts will turn against you.  At first, it’ll be the worst.  But over time, with enough practice, you can master your thoughts.

Does it take 3 minutes a day for the rest of your life to actually change your life?  Probably not.  But it’s a step.  And you have to start the journey towards positivity and success with something.  So why not start that journey correctly, with a small, loving step towards the life you truly want to live.  A life full of love, not fear.

God Bless


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